TEF Luncheon | Passing Your Relevancy Stress Test

Every industry is going through an accelerated transformation and the engineering industry is next. Demands and expectations are growing alongside perceived commoditization – where you’re seeing more and more price driven decisions. This is creating a squeezing effect; you have to continually improve yet are competing on a “race to the bottom”. This race won’t stop on its own, but you can intervene and even grow your margin, revenue and market share.

During Bryan’s session you will leave understanding not just the nature and threat caused by this acceleration, but more importantly what companies who choose to stay relevant must start doing immediately.

Competing in a world of acceleration and perceived commoditization

  • Relevancy stress test
    • 3 keys to relevancy (what’s the first to give?)
  • The two key questions you need to answer
    • EVERYONE in your company needs to answer
  • What successful companies in the future will be relentlessly doing every single day in all aspects of their business to win more, attract more and stay on top, regardless of the business cycle.

While Bryan will clearly cover threats and challenges facing us all, the power and simplicity of what he teaches is fresh, motivating, actionable!

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